Serika teams up with plumbing innovator, John Guest Speedfit

Serika (EA) has secured exclusive rights to the John Guest push fit plumbing fittings for East Africa, with areas including Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia.

Pom Bhabra the M.D. of Serika (EA) believes the joint agreement will be beneficial to both parties , “I think they’re as excited about working with us as we are about working with them”.

The current plumbing system used in east Africa is an “old fashioned system.”  Pom hopes that through working with John Guest that they can modernise it.

John Guest is celebrating its 50th birthday this year. The engineering company which started by selling its goods from vans is now based in ten different countries, with its main headquarters being in Middlesex. It prides itself on being a provider of high quality goods, and hopes to continue doing so for at least 50 years to come.