JG Speedfit Push and Lock

Speedfit product range 12mm, 22mm & 28mm fittings and pipes

The strictest control is maintained by virtue of the fact that the design and manufacture is carried out in modern purpose built manufacturing centres in the United Kingdom.

Maintaining control over the whole process frim initial tool design to tool making through to final assembly and testing ensures that only products of the highest quality are being produced.

It is this commitment that John Guest believes their products receive prestigious award from all around the world, tested and approved by many organisations.


  • Demountable fittings and pipe without damage to either.
  • Grip and full seal connections
  • Super seal inserts provide secondary seal
  • Reduced pipe insertion force
  • Lightweight and easy to install on any site.
  • Connections to copper pipe.


  • Reduced Installation time by up to 40%, saving labour costs in any commercial or domestic development.
  • Pipe flexibility allows the installation of the pipe through difficult accessible areas of any build.
  • No risk of fire or flames from a blow torch or heating gun, no vapours from any adhesives.
  • Easier to work and install in confined spaces.
  • Permanent leek proof connection system.
  • Totally corrosion free.
  • No scale build up
  • Lower thermal diffusivity maintains safer surface temperatures.
  • Pipe elasticity can reduce the possibility of bursting under freezing conditions
  • Low noise levels from water flow, expansion and contraction.
  • Long pipe lengths introduce fewer fittings used.